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Commenting on a blog? I’m new at this…can I say that?

Posted by mariecowan on March 18, 2010

So, you are not sure how to approach blogs, let alone comment on one? You are not alone. Even after years of using the online world’s tools, I find myself learning yet another one. Of course, new methods and tools for communicating with each other in this realm will keep appearing, and some will evolve into standard formats. It can be exciting to participate in that process.

In this blog, we encourage you, whether a fledgling learner or seasoned veteran, to join in the discussions you read. If you need basic guidance about posting your comment or seek a refresher, start by referring to the previous post in this category, Blog Guide 1 – Subscribing & Commenting. To the more experienced users, we ask that you not hesitate sharing your helpful tips, stories, and references about blogging in general.

I have come across blogs and forums, in my own search for information, with guides and suggestions for communicating on blogs. Many mention three simple options in formatting your comments:

  1. Use plain text.
  2. Include links to your own blog or site.
  3. Add links to other sites and blogs with information pertaining to the post that first drew your attention.

The articles and blogs I found also offered some basic advice to commentators:

  1. Write freely in your comments to posts.
  2. Welcome responses to your comments.
  3. Make sure your comment pertains to or expands upon the post you are responding to.
  4. Remain open to the sharing of ideas, opinions, and experiences as you join these discussions.

Essentially, blogs allow each of us to share our own knowledge, opinions, and experiences with each other through another format. And, with people we often do not know personally! It provides another method of meeting like-minds or debating with opposite views from all walks of life. Maybe even forge new connections.

On any of the posts in any of the categories within this blog, if you have an opinion or knowledge that is opposite of the blogger, do share! Don’t hold back! Disagreeing with each other only helps fuel ideas and often spurs more conversation or even solutions.

This is an open format.

As I progress in my own knowledge of the blogging world’s technical side, I hope others will find it helpful. Likewise, all the authors working on this blog invite participation from both experienced bloggers and newcomers.

Hear from you soon!


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